A clear road ahead


A clear road ahead

The last three months at Estate Four have been spent honing our process. We’ve done so with a wide variety of brands:

  • An Olympic athlete
  • One of the world’s largest electronics distributors
  • A start-up apparel company
  • A law enforcement tool
  • A non-profit focused on veterans awareness
  • A law firm

After working with individuals and companies, for-profits and non-profits, small entities and large, established brands and up-and-comers — we are confident our “Investigation” process for solving marketing and advertising needs can be applied to any company, any goal.

This Investigation process is efficient and scalable, allowing Estate Four to quickly dive into a client’s needs in a fraction of the time it would normally take. Not only will this allow established companies to move quicker than normal, but it will make high-end marketing strategy affordable for smaller companies as well.

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