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The principles of journalism, applied to advertising strategy…

Everyone has a story.

Your company, your brand, is not boring. Somewhere in there is a really good story waiting to be told.

Start with the lead.

Never bury the most important point. Start with the most important thing to say, then layer more under it.

Understand both sides.

Every story has two sides to it. If you don’t understand both sides, you can’t tell the whole story.

The truth always wins.

Never hide from the truth. Brands need to be honest with themselves and their audiences.

Serve the audience.

Your audience won’t care what you are saying unless it serves them. Never serve brand over audience.

Always listen.

A story never ends. It is always growing, changing and evolving. Listening is the only way to know how.

What makes us special.

A philosophy alone does not an agency make. You can also count on…

Experience by the numbers.

Our team has built messaging, websites, campaign development, content strategy, promotional marketing, and videos for the largest brands in the world.

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    Of Forbes' Top 50 Most Valuable Brands

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    Of Forbes' Top 100 Most Valuable Brands

Founder: Bryan Boettger

Bryan Boettger is an expert in content, messaging and digital marketing. He began his career as a newspaper reporter, then launched the online division for a trade publisher, later founded a custom publishing company, and has spent the last 15 years on the agency side working with some of the biggest brands in the world (plus smaller companies with products just as exciting).

Bryan has written about and spoken across the country on the topics of social media, content marketing, digital strategy, and messaging.


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