Benefactor Journalism

Solving the content needs of

brands • journalists • the public

How It Works

Drawing inspiration from the patronage that produced world-changing artwork during the Renaissance, Estate Four connects brands with journalists to solve everyone’s needs via Benefactor Journalism.

Journalists write in-depth pieces within their beat; Writing one major, one minor article per month.

Brands fund the journalists and receive credit as the Benefactor who made articles possible — similar to how sponsors are credited for making continual viewing possible during soccer matches.

Estate Four uses the articles to create videos, infographics, imagery and social content for brands to use cross-channel.

Example 1 - Financial Institution

Benefactor of an in-depth series on the why, what and how of teaching kids about money, credit and finance. Looking at the psychological changes in children at different ages, feature stories on kids who have started businesses, proven teaching methods, and more.

Example 2 - Detroit Auto Maker

Benefactor of a Detroit reporter investigating local politics, the ignored needs of the area, and future opportunities. Looking at the historical changes within the city, comparisons to other cities that have faced similar circumstances, and more.

Content Packages

Brands can choose between two package options and multiple subscription options.


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