Tools of the Trade: Investigation

the foundation for everything

Estate Four’s scalable Investigation process utilizes stakeholder interviews, competitor research, audience data, industry reports, marketing best practices, company metrics and more to fuel several key deliverables.

Comparable Companies Matrix

Estate Four will identify three key categories within which your company falls. We then use those categories to find comparable companies (in addition to direct competition) to fuel relevant Investigation outside your industry to gain even greater leaps in understanding. For instance, for an Olympic athlete, we used the category of “Entertainer” to pinpoint Musicians as relevant comparables.

Investigation Analysis

The often hundreds of pages of Investigation is culled down to a one-pager of the most relevant research points. The Investigation is broken into seven categories (Product, Brand, Collateral, Customers, Internal Team, Partners, Competition) and further sliced by strength and weaknesses both subjectively (Assessments) and objectively (Analytics). Think of it as a SWOT on steroids.
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Investigation Insights

Before beginning build-out of a strategy, we first highlight Investigation Insights uncovered through the Investigation Analysis. These Insights provide a checkpoint with clients where we can ensure we are going down paths that are appropriate and relevant. The Insights are annotated with the exact Analysis data points that fueled them to ensure they are not just “opinions.”
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Google Drive Archive

We work hard to ensure the Comparable Companies Matrix, Investigation Analysis and Investigation Insights are all concise for easy consumption and usage. But there is often hundreds of pages of data, reports and notes that fuel those documents. All the source research is organized and stored on Google Drive so clients can access for future use and Estate Four can use for later content creation.

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