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Avnet is a leading global distributor of electronic components, computer products, and technology services and solutions. Since 1955, they’ve been helping the world’s technology manufacturers get their products to market quickly, efficiently and profitably – which is why Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and more than 100,000 other companies put their trust in them. They also specialize in integrating and installing computer networking and information technology systems – which puts them at the leading edge of the Internet of Things (IoT). And as businesses race to take advantage of the enormous opportunities IoT delivers, they desperately need the kind of expertise Avnet provides.

15 interview videos • 3 motion graphics videos • 6 cities • soup to nuts from research to interviews to scripts to graphics to final production


Despite the vast economic value in IoT projects, most organizations struggle to get theirs off the ground. Sometimes it’s due to a failure to accurately scope the project, challenges in deployment, or difficulty integrating among hardware, software and services. Whatever the cause, businesses often don’t properly execute on IoT’s enormous potential. But Avnet has been on the leading edge of IoT since before the term was even coined. So the goal was to translate that expertise into lead acquisition.


The overwhelming excitement around IoT is matched only by the trepidation it causes. Only 20% of Americans believe the benefits of smart devices outweigh their privacy concerns and nearly 70% worry about product failures. But those fears notwithstanding, the future landscape looks inevitable: with global research firm Gartner forecasting that 20.4 billion connected devices will be in use by 2020. Capturing that opportunity and excitement was paramount.


Estate Four produced two sets of videos – one that leveraged interviews with thought leaders from technology leaders like Microsoft and Intel, and an animated set of videos that showcased ways the future of IoT will positively impact both businesses and consumers.

Watch one or two or three or even six of the videos right here!

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