Brand Video



Elevate the appreciation for the thinking, training and technique that goes into fabricating metal exteriors for buildings.


Create a video paying homage to and defining “Craftsmanship.” Showcase the people, tradework and final output of that Craftsmanship.

What we did.

For both California Panel Systems and its sister company, California Sheet Metal, we tapped into the extensive research done on “craftsmanship.” We then utilized vocabulary pulled from quotes about craftsmanship throughout history, taking that language and incorporating it with key language from the companies’ Messaging Architecture. The script was then coupled with custom video footage shot onsite at the companies’ metalwork shop.

To ensure the finished piece kept a tone that would resonate with both sophistication of architects and the grittiness of construction contractors, a voice over artist was chosen with an older, gravelly voice to give the video both a polished and rough tone.

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