Company Rebranding



Transform the brand of a 100+ year company to ensure the messaging and marketing materials embody the industry-leading work the company creates.


Go deep, including: 20+ interviews, 51 companies researched, months of sales data analyzed, dozens of collateral pieces reviewed, reams of research consumed.

prepared photos
individual collateral pieces
years of tradition captured

What we did.

Everything created laddered back to a messaging architecture that found inspiration in the word “Craftsmanship.” The resulting work captured the ethos of the company — old school traditions of craftsmanship, coupled with modern sophistication and scale.

The resulting output included: Logo, tagline, style guide, responsive website, videos, case studies, business cards, customer documents, capabilities presentation, document templates, direct mail postcard, email blast, social platform skins, press release template, and nearly 400 photos of company projects, people and workspaces.

The Analytics

We took months of sales data and segmented profitability data by project size to confirm which project sizes should be targeted so marketing dollars could be maximized.

A Key Insight

As a supplier-builder (supplier = metalwork to other contractors, builder = installing it themselves often), the company could gain valuable messaging insights from best-of-breed supplier-builders in other wildly different verticals — including Guittard Chocolate (supplier = chocolate, builder = bars) and Sightglass Coffee (supplier = beans, builder = coffee).

Client Quote

“We are a group that is very reluctant to change, and Estate Four has made significant progress by performing the detailed research they do and presenting in a way the group understands.” — Mark Austgen, Vice President

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