The non-profit, dedicated to restoring the true meaning of Memorial Day, had seen incredible organic growth since its founding. With its ever increasing number of opportunities through corporate sponsors and word-of-mouth, it was critical to have consistent, organized messaging.


Create a challenge statement, a call to arms, that paid homage to the foundation of the organization: walking. The call to arms also needed to reinforce that different people will recognize the meaning of Memorial Day in different ways. Three ways, in this case.

What we did.

Research was three pronged: 1) Analyzing the data behind the organization’s donations, participants and social followers; 2) Capitalizing on best practices from well established non-profits that also fundraise; and 3) Dissecting the messaging approach of institutions focused on “shifting views” of societal perceptions.

The output included construction of a Messaging Architecture, recommendations on website content, and strategies for engaging with people who have shown an interest in the organization.

The Analysis

Using data visualization, we were able to identify opportunities for increased engagement and donations based on differences between Carry The Load’s social followers, their donors, and the latest U.S. census data.

A Key Insight

No organization or resource provided quality educational content on the topic of Memorial Day. By filling this void, Carry The Load would not only progress its mission, but would also provide quality content that encouraged sharing by corporate sponsors and individual supporters.


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