Cross-Channel Campaign



As the largest Caterpillar dealership in the United States, one of only four Certified Caterpillar Training Centers nationwide, and one of only 15 dealerships in the Americas to receive the brand’s “Circle of Excellence” award, HoltCat has been earning accolades since 1933. But they faced the same challenge as OEM suppliers across countless categories: competition with cheaper, low quality aftermarket (or “will-fit”) parts that can be sold and installed by non-Caterpillar dealers. And an audience that might not fully understand the difference.

overall campaign direction and hero imagery • replacement parts brochure • individual parts one-sheets • event signage • magazine advertisements • email campaign


Holt needed to alter customers’ mistaken perception that “parts are parts.” In addition to the age-old challenge of convincing customers that genuine parts are worth the added cost, there was an additional hurdle. Namely, the fact that sales materials in the category have long been dominated by “imagery sameness.” Specifically, photos of heavy equipment in action.


Cat parts provide a far greater value and lower “cost per hour” than cheaper knock-offs. They’re of better quality, offer tighter tolerances, and are engineered specifically for Cat equipment. Basically: the right parts keep you working.


Comparative absurdity: demonstrating the superiority of OEM parts by showing outlandish examples of “non original” replacement parts.

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