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Jenny Simpson (aka, @TrackJenny) is one of the world’s fastest runners, has competed at the highest level in the Olympics and Word Championships, and is New Balance’s premier sponsored athlete. She needed to solidify her social content strategy to better engage with her fans and more fully collaborate with New Balance.


Rather than focus on athletes to drive insights, we instead gathered insights from musicians and entertainers — influencers who motivate their fanbase with regular content, just as Jenny needed to do. The final result was an actionable strategy with a game-plan that all laddered up to the developed umbrella message of “Work Hard. Live Right. Be Brave.”

What we did.

After doing a subjective (analyzing followers’ comments) and objective (analyzing response metrics) review of Jenny’s various social accounts and content, we were able to identify what types of her natural posting inclinations most resonated with her audience — allowing her to better engage her audience, grow her audience, and, possibly most important to Jenny, stay true to her authentic, true self.

The Analytics

Although we still crunched the data on Jenny’s social analytics, what became most important were the multiple, in-person interviews conducted with Jenny and her family. These journalistic-style interviews uncovered the true story of who Jenny was, so that recommendations could stay true to her personality without her needing to “craft an image.”

A Key Insight

Jenny inspires her fans through her actions AND her words. Rather than focus solely on the physical aspects of her life, there was opportunity to tap into the mental approach to her life — especially in between major competitions.


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