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Loot Crate


Loot Crate is a worldwide leader in fan-commerce – offering monthly subscription boxes that feature curated collections of exclusive collectibles, apparel, and gear. Their mission is to “unite the world through the shared celebration of fandom.” And they take that mission seriously, featuring partnerships with such global properties as Marvel, Harry Potter, Star Wars, WWE, Lord of the Rings, and Fallout, just to name a few. They announce upcoming “crates” through highly targeted emails – using genre-specific messaging and visuals to lure buyers. But fatigue had caused their conversions to dip. They needed to give their messaging a boost.

four to eight emails per week • total list size millions strong • brands including: wwe, marvel, sanrio, fallout, firefly, minecraft, and halo


Even the most passionate fan can experience fatigue – and after enormous initial success with their curated “mystery” crates – spanning pop culture, gaming, film, TV, Sci-Fi and Fantasy – Loot Crate had seen a drop-off in both open and click rates from their email blasts. Unsubscribe rates were also on the rise. Both the creative product and overall process were in need of refreshing.


Loot Crate subscribers aren’t passive fans of their chosen genres. They’re passionate superfans – shelling out 20-odd dollars a month for the thrill of having a surprise bundle of exclusive items arrive at their door. They don’t want be "sold" – they want to feel as though they’re receiving something special from like-minded members of the superfan community.


Engage their curiosity – with subject lines, pre-headers, and teased visuals that whet their appetite. Resulting in across-the-board increases: +38% in average open rate, +93% click through, +50% click/open.

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