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United Way of Greater Los Angeles is on a mission to permanently break the cycle of poverty for their most vulnerable neighbors: low-income families, students, veterans, and the homeless. They focus on fighting poverty at its roots by focusing on long-term solutions centered around Education, Housing and Economic Mobility – the building blocks to better lives and stronger communities. Yes, one aspect of that revolves around fundraising. But they know that real and sustained change requires more than money. To ensure long-lasting results means changing the way people feel about poverty. And that requires intense community involvement.

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In some ways, an organization like United Way of Greater Los Angeles can be a victim of their own success. As a highly vocal and visible advocate in the community, they’ve made significant progress in recent years in the fight to create pathways out of poverty for all L.A. residents. But there’s still much work left to do. And success requires keeping donors, volunteers and the community engaged in the fight.


It’s an audience that’s eager to be engaged. But it’s also an audience whose attention is heavily courted by other charitable organizations. They need reminders that the job is far from over. So it becomes a matter of communicating that story in a relevant, motivating way.


Original editorial content that tells a compelling story about their own community – and which educates readers on the pillars of education, homelessness and financial stability.

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