Logo Design



Create a logo for Verified Strategy, a full service communications agency specializing in social and digital strategy for C-suite professionals. Utilize a “checkmark” in homage to the verified icons common on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.


Studying the Facebook and Twitter verified icons, we found the checkmark to be at a 45-degree angle. To create more energy in the Verified Strategy checkmark, we shifted the form by 5 degrees to create more vertical energy. Then utilized a blue for the checkmark that was halfway between the lighter Twitter blue and darker Facebook blue.

What we did.

To tell the story behind Verified Strategy’s services, we removed the dots on the I’s and tops of the T’s because: “So often, executives just jump into social media without training or planning. Verified Strategy can provide the check that gets executives started on crossing their I’s and dotting their T’s when engaging on social media.”

The Analytics

By breaking down the math behind the Twitter and Facebook checkmarks, we were able to ensure the checkmark exactly matched what the eye expected from a verified checkmark. All angles within all three checkmarks are 90 degrees, but the full form of the Verified checkmark is rotated 5 degrees to create its unique look.

features image

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