Messaging & Photography



Ensure one of the leaders and innovators in PVD coating technology stood out as such in a space increasingly crowded with suppliers offering inferior products.


Treat the finished product as artwork and showcase sample work with sophistication. Use less technical, more approachable language that mirrors the elegance of the coatings.

What we did.

Everything started with the messaging. Messaging tied to the identified company values: precision, consistency, resilience, resourcefulness, electricity. All resulting in a new vision, new mission, new tagline that drove the visual style, creation of a new company logo, and updated product photography.

Vision: Be the finishing touch that turns metal components into works of art.

Mission: Transform, with detailed beauty and lasting durability, the objects entrusted to us.

Tagline: An unequaled finish.

The Analysis

Word of mouth and testimonials are key within the manufacturing sector. So we completed a customer survey to ensure the messaging aligned with customers’ perception of the end product.

A Key Insight

PVD coating is a technology with as yet untapped potential in many industries. It was imperative to determine a fast, easy way to explain it. The result: “Put simply, West Coast PVD fuses color onto metal.”

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