Benefiting Sigma Chi leadership & scholarship resources at the chapter of your choice.

To support undergraduate chapters’ Bell Chapter Programs, Estate Four will donate 10% of any client fees coming from Sigma Chi referrals back to the Sigma Chi chapter.

Estate Four - A Marketing Agency

Estate Four is a marketing and advertising agency founded by a charter member, Bryan Boettger, of Pepperdine’s Sigma Chi chapter.

We use the principles of the fourth estate — journalism — to help brands compete. Estate Four enables companies by focusing their messaging and marketing content so they don’t waste opportunities with their customers and don’t waste money on unnecessary channels. We are most often called on for:

MESSAGING to help you and your team quickly and concisely communicate the value of what you do.

CONTENT to compel your target audience to share information attached to your brand and products.

VIDEOS to tell a story brought to life with motion and voice, creating an impact well beyond “a picture is worth…”

WEBSITES to build credibility with new customers and inspire word of mouth with existing customers.

CAMPAIGNS to drive growth by building on the existing soul of the company and capitalizing on the value brought.

Email to make a referral that gives back to the chapter.

Testimonials From Sigma Chi Alumni

  • I have worked with Bryan for twenty years. His approach is always focused and precise, determining audience, brand goals, and campaign objectives. He then combines data with one of the most creative brains you will ever come across to deliver experiences that both the audience and brands celebrate.

    Yak Gertmenian (Sigma Chi, '97) Sr. Director Client Strategy, AOL

  • Estate Four's approach and thinking genuinely aligns the wants of the target audience with the needs of the marketer -- creating content that is valuable to everyone. It's marketing material people actually want to see and consume.

    Eric Bearly (The Shield, '99) Publisher & Sales Manager, Bobit Business Media



Nearly 20 years after leaving Pepperdine, I was thinking about what has brought me to where I am today. And many of my best experiences and successes in business are thanks to Sigma Chi relationships. So as my agency grows, I feel it’s appropriate to have its success also contribute to the success of the chapter.

To borrow a phrase – I say these words in all sincerity: That Sigma Chi has given me favor and distinction; that the bond of our fellowship is reciprocal; that I will endeavor to so build myself and so conduct myself that I will ever be a credit to our Fraternity.

In Hoc Signo Vinces.

— Bryan Boettger, Pepperdine Sigma Chi Class of ’98

Experience by the numbers.

Our team has built messaging, websites, campaign development, content strategy, promotional marketing, and videos for the largest brands in the world.

In fact, 1/3 of Forbes’ Top 50 Most Valuable Brands.

What is the Bell Chapter Program?

The Bell Chapter Program addresses important issues of the collegiate world today with first-rate, values-based leadership programming. Seven years after its debut, the numbers show that Thomas Cowan Bell chapters are outperforming chapters without Bell benefits through higher overall GPAs as well as increased activity on campus and the community.

The following are programs provided by Sigma Chi that are incorporated into the Thomas Cowan Bell Chapter benefits package:

Provides training on effective operations and leadership of a chapter. The officer teams that attend are guided by an alumni facilitator through a goal setting and planning process in preparation for the coming academic year.

Now in its 16th year, the Huntsman Leadership Summit is a values-based leadership program defined by Sigma Chi core values such as integrity, courage and wisdom. Bell Chapter applicants are given special consideration in the selection process.

Each Bell Chapter will be designated to receive at least one General Scholarship of $1,000 for a qualified applicant. The Sigma Chi Foundation scholarship program has grown from $50,000 in 2006 to $349,500 in 2015.

Crossroads provides training in the scope and deleterious effects of alcohol use, particularly binge drinking, and recreational and prescription drug use. During this experience, brothers look at bystander intervention, difficult conversation skills, pathways to seek help, and how their decisions affect themselves and others.

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