The cobbler’s children


The cobbler’s children

We were tired of being the cobbler’s child, walking barefoot. So, today, we launch our new website.

In it you will find more information about Estate Four. And, starting later this year, we will begin frequent updates to our blog. Beginning in the Spring 2016, we will begin updating four sections:

  • Monday Morning Science: Every Monday, Estate Four will post an interesting scientific fact, study, finding, etc. that has relevance in the advertising and marketing world.
  • Advertising Archives: We will periodically dive into the archives and pull out old school advertising history that gives an interesting perspective on modern marketing.
  • Content Makers: Estate Four doesn’t work in a silo. We partner with amazing content creators across a variety of mediums. We will periodically feature these talented Content Makers.
  • News & Updates: And, of course, we will use this space to update you on the latest news about Estate Four.

Keep coming back now, ya hear?