Marketing with purpose and value.

Our clients will be able to explain their messaging, collateral, logo and everything we create because those things will have depth, layers and a story behind them.

Our Beliefs

We believe in asking the best questions, because the best questions unveil the most valuable answers. Estate Four embraces the passion, ethos and values of journalism — Everyone has a story; Start with the lead; Understand both sides; The truth always wins; Serve your audience; Always listen.

Our Values

Measured thinking. Passionate beliefs. Thoughtful responses. Honesty in all things. Ensuring the money our clients spend on marketing will be an investment, not just an expense. Marketing with purpose and value.

A few kind words from clients...

Some Of What We Do


One-on-one, first person interviews — internal and external. Review of company materials, analytics, and even finances. Assessment of competition.

Parallel Companies (Our Secret Sauce)

We use a unique approach to identify parallel companies, in wildly different industries from yours, that provide learnings to ensure you don't just incrementally gain on your competition. We want to leap frog them.


Sometimes it's developing the overall company messaging and differentiation. Sometimes it's simply quality social content. Whether small or large, conveying a unique, purposeful message is key to what we do.

Content Development

Beautiful photography. Impactful videos. Exceptional design. Meaningful written word. We put it all together to deliver logos, websites, brand videos, social content, white papers, and more.


Diving deep into your company, brand, people and culture.


Treating our clients as true partners. Respecting our audiences.


A mix of old school and new school. Never insular in thought.

Attention to Detail

The details matter. Every. Damn. Time.

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“It is the stories we don’t get, the ones we miss, pass over, fail to recognize, don’t pick up on, that will send us to hell.”

— Molly Ivins (Newspaper Columnist & Political Commentator)